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TIme is really flying
Exciting and New things....
WOW Weekend!


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TIme is really flying

Hello Everyone,
It has certainly be a while since I have taken a breather to update ya'all on what we have been up to. We are still going strong. But please know, if you are on our list, we are working to get the mattresses we are in need of so we finally get to you. We have PLENTY of bedding and pillows so we do not need any more donated bedding items until we get through what we have - which is filling up 4 large rooms at our local church. The good news is we can supply more than just one set for each bed.


I want to thank the following people and organizations who have helped us this last few months:
Sisterhood of Erin for the beautiful bedding and pillows, books and stuffed animals
Methodist Women in Beaver County who invited us to speak and made a donation
Michele Bolos Owner of NT Concepts who sent in a donation
Lebanon Church in West Middlesex who made a donation
New Virginia Church Hermitage PA who invited us to speak and made a donation
Mercer Rotary who invited us to speak
So many of the churches from Ellwood City, Beaver Falls, all the way up to Sandy Lake, all of the wonderful people from our community - everyone

Exciting and New things....

I know that it has been awhile since I've updated my blog. So here it goes....

A while back we were contacted by a lovely elementary girl from Pittsburgh. She inquired about our non-profit and told  us that she had picked us for her school project.  I have to say, we were very flattered and so we talked a bit about Beds for Little Heads and I found out she heard of us through her Grandmother.  We had talked at her grandmothers church a few months before her project. How encouraging that was to hear!

WOW Weekend!

To start off, most of the time the only deliveries we make are the ones that my husband Brett and I can schedule in a weekend.  Brett and I are the deliverers and we set up everything, schedule, beds, make the beds etc.  We can average about 10-12 kids in a weekend.  But, we were a bit desperate due to Christmas being right around the corner and we wanted to put as many in a bed that we could. So Brett had an idea; "lets post free beds online".  So we did. WOW, the response was amazing.


So much has been happening for Beds for Little Heads, Inc.!

We have so many wonderful Church Groups contacting us to speak. I cannot tell you what a blessing they have been to us.  From the wonderful ladies in Ellwood City, Church Women United (of many different branches), Holy Trinity, Kiwanis Clubs, St. Paul's, The Relief Society Women's Organization of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Youngstown Ohio Stake who all hosted lunches and dinners to present us with wonderful bedding, pillows, bed frames, books and stuffed animals, along with Shiestle's Auction in Mercer - Jon and Deb always make sure that Beds for Little Heads has bedding as well as holding 50/50 auctions to help us with gas for deliveries!

Its been A While

Well, I am hoping that this blog finds everyone doing well.  It has been a while since I have written my thoughts down.  So many things have happened this past year; some good some bad and some just okay.  I have to say though that God has blessed us, continual prayer is key and we also want to thank everyone for their prayers on our behalf.  Some of the bad news this year was we had so many families in need (which is sad and heartbreaking) and then we had to close our list so we could focus and help those children that were already waiting.


Well, I must say it has been a very slow year - sadly we have just not had the support needed to get more kids in bed.  I do understand our area is economically devastated and daily we get calls that support this fact.  To sum it up, we get more calls of need than we do support.  We appreciate all who have supported our ministry and hope that you keep us in your prayers and if you have it in your heart to keep helping this mission, we know you will be blessed in return. 

In other ways, God is moving in our ministry - we have had an increase in interest of knowledge about how are program works and have been invited to speak at more church groups and this is a sign that maybe God is helping us in other ways.

Prayers....they do work and I do believe

I personally believe in God, I believe His word and I believe that He is always on His throne.  I want to be clear, it is not offensive to me to speak about my Lord, hear about Him or spread the word to others that may need Him.  I will not apologize if you feel offended that I speak of Him.  I think everyone in this world today, needs to know that God is present in our society and He is waiting for them to seek Him.  I still stand on my belief that He has brought me to this ministry.

News and Updates - THANK YOU'S!

Well, both of our events for this month turned out very well!  We were able to meet some great people at the Lion's Club in Farrell.  What a blessing they are!! We received some sheet sets and even a money donation which we put to use for some mattresses for some very special little one's that have been waiting for a bed ~ I can't tell you how excited they are to be recieving their bed soon!
Brett and I also decided to test the waters with our fund raising adventure being Walmart on a Saturday morning.

A little news...this and that

Well another weekend has gone by and all is going well in our attempts at organizing our bedding.  We slowed down in August due to Bretts business show for Greenfield Woodworks out at Shaker Woods.  But we are back full swing and are moving ahead with some fund raising activities and I will be speaking at a few local organizations in the area who want to learn more about Beds for Little Heads and our mission to get the kids in our community off the floor.
We are so thankful for each and everyone of you who come out to support us and think of the kids.
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